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2015 Summer Packaging Trends – Eurototes

2015 Summer Packaging Trends – Eurototes

EurototesTrends come and go in marketing and advertising, and keeping a close eye on packaging trends helps your business take advantage of the “next big thing” when it comes along. 

Custom packaging is a dynamic and ever-changing environment where artists and packaging experts release new ideas for presenting your company’s products in creative and sustainable ways.

Here are some innovative ideas for 2015 that you’ll want to consider as you choose sustainable packaging solutions from Howard Packaging.

Authenticity and Honesty Rule Packaging

The popularity of organic food, recycling, and a healthy environment for future generations means that companies who participate in honest and direct branding can quickly cultivate the favor of new customers.

According to a write-up by Creative Bloq on the newest packaging trends, there are some specific characteristics of simple and direct packaging designs.

  1. Typography that appears handwritten or freeform
  2. Type that feels vintage or old-fashioned
  3. Simple and straightforward illustration
  4. Limited flashy or showy color palettes

Most corporate designs that have been in the marketplace for years probably won’t follow this trend by engaging in a complete makeover of a logo. However, there’s still a good chance that you’ll see companies tweaking and modifying their traditional logos to “feel” more authentic to clients and customers.

EurototesEurototes Offer Easy Elegance

Custom bags run the gamut from traditional brown paper bags to trendy Eurototes, and many companies are choosing to incorporate Eurototes as a stylistic choice for packaging. Eurototes are an elegant solution for bags, and they allow a company the chance to have a little fun with the design process. 

Eurototes are a terrific way to create a little upscale class for your company without requiring a significant investment of time or budget. Often, it’s the simplest features that can add elegance and luxury appeal to your company’s brand, and Eurototes are a sleek addition to your business’s packaging options.

Eurototes according to Howard Packaging:

“Howard Packaging has the most extensive Free Printing Plate Program in the industry. We can get your business started with a custom recycled printed paper shopping bag program with no up-front printing plate costs. Depending on the product, that could be a savings of hundreds of dollars!”

Trends in Portable Packaging

A fascinating part of the world of packaging is that of the food and beverage industry. Some of the most creative packaging ideas have come from that industry. Think of landmark logos and packaging designs by companies like Heineken and Coca-Cola.

Interestingly, the packaging of food and beverages – particularly those designed for consumption on-the-go – has become an essential part of modern packaging design.

An article from Packaging Digest describes the value of packaging for food and beverage companies:

“But more broadly, consumers have become accustomed to sizing up others by their accessories and, with the unprecedented prevalence of on-the-go consumption, that judgment now extends to the food and beverages they carry.”

No longer is packaging meant to sit on the shelf somewhere in a cabinet in someone’s house or on the shelf of a retail store. Today’s packaging must be easy to carry and functional while also providing the style consumers demand.

EurototesWhat Will the Future Bring?

It’s important to think about what the future may bring for your business, and one of the considerations you’ll want to think about is how new packaging trends will influence how you package items sent to your customers or packed

An interesting take on the future of packaging from Food Production Daily suggests:

“If brands can use one pack for selling the product and another for its delivery, they can [maximize] both resources and packaging.”

So, the “next big thing” in packaging could likely be a combination of functional packaging that reduces the resources needed to provide packaging for your business’s products.

Taking Advantage of Marketing and Packaging Trends

Over time, your business will build its brand through savvy marketing campaigns, professional graphic design, and innovative packaging. If you business hasn’t taken advantage of new trends in packaging, now’s the time to think about updates, changes, and how sustainable packaging can help your business grow.

If your business is interested in using modern packaging solutions that reduce your company's impact on the environment, let us know! Request a Free Catalog and Sample Kit Today!

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