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We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.


What Did We Learn in 2016? Our Top 5 Blog Posts

With the economy on a steady track of improvement, today's small business owners have the opportunity to create valuable growth within their organizations. One of the best ways to continue positive growth is to examine the past year for its triumphs, failures, and discoveries. In 2016, we published several blog posts designed to help you … Read more

5 Successful Eco-Friendly Businesses to Emulate

There are many steps you can take to become an environmentally sustainable business, but eco-friendly businesses aren't created overnight. It often takes several steps and a variety of changes to reach total sustainability and zero waste. Some of the steps you may need to take to transform your business to an eco-friendly model may cost … Read more

How to Become a ZERO Waste Business

A recycling bin in the corner and a company recycling policy are helpful ways to encourage eco-friendly habits at your business, but it is within virtually every business's ability to become a "zero waste business" today.  Not only are there real-world options that can provide your business with tangible green projects, but there are also … Read more

Why Customers Want Eco-Friendly Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Small businesses today often introduce sustainable practices in the workplace, at the point of manufacturing, or in other areas where energy and material goods are used to produce a product or service. Adopting a sustainable business model may also help attract customers who want eco-friendly or environmentally friendly packaging. Today's consumers are educated and environmentally-conscious, … Read more

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