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Customer Connections: What Makes Customers Connect With a Brand?

customer connections

Building brand loyalty is an important part of any small business marketing plan, but businesses today must get creative to help improve customer connections with the brand. Research routinely shows that customers who feel a personal connection to a brand feel that the company has fulfilled a need in their lives. If you're concerned that … Read more

What Did We Learn in 2016? Our Top 5 Blog Posts

With the economy on a steady track of improvement, today's small business owners have the opportunity to create valuable growth within their organizations. One of the best ways to continue positive growth is to examine the past year for its triumphs, failures, and discoveries. In 2016, we published several blog posts designed to help you … Read more

How to Market to Millennials

Older Americans retain most of the buying power in the United States, but understanding how to market to Millennials has become a popular topic of conversation for modern businesses looking to create brand ambassadors, improve brand loyalty, and find new, lifetime customers within the youngest population of consumers. Successfully marketing to Millennials means understanding how … Read more

5 Summer Promotion Ideas

As a business owner, you may assume your biggest sales season will coincide with the winter months. However, creative sales pitches and yearlong advertising can help you enjoy healthy sales whether the temperature is freezing or broiling outside. After setting aside enough money in your marketing budget to cover winter holiday promotions and advertising, you'll … Read more

Time for a Change: 10 Resources That Will Totally Make-Over Your Business

Is it time to make-over your business? Image is important in business today, and even the smallest organizations must put time and energy into appearances and how the public perceives the business. If you haven't cultivated a particular brand for your business, now might be the time to consider how you can increase your company's … Read more

A Look Back at 2015: 10 Business Evaluation Methods

A strong vision for the future and a comprehensive business plan are essential tools for any growing business. However, it's important to conduct a business evaluation using a variety of methods to determine whether the business is on the right track for the future.  A look at the company's expenditures versus its income may provide … Read more

How to Avoid the Post-Holiday Slump

Sales statistics often suggest the fourth quarter or holiday season is the busiest time of the year for retailers, and a significant amount of marketing, sales, and discounts arrive in November and December each year. However, business doesn't stop on January 1st unless the company is a seasonal business like a Christmas tree lot or … Read more

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