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Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.


Why Packaging is Essential to Help You Gain New Customers

What does your product packaging say to potential customers? Does it attract them? Does it entice them to want to learn more? Just as well-designed packaging attracts repeat business from loyal customers, it's also an essential part of attracting new customers. With the rise of internet-based companies and store shelves that carry dozens of identical … Read more

Telling Your Company’s Story with Packaging

The story of a business is one that current and future customers should learn about through advertising and marketing, and telling a story with packaging ensures your business tells the story it wants rather than the story your customers invent. Plain packaging without some type of adornment is a missed opportunity to grow your brand, … Read more

How to Choose the Best Type of Packaging for your Business

best type of packaging

While the most important facet of your business might be its product, choosing the best type of packaging for your product is one of the best ways to create a more effective marketing pitch to your customers. Excellent packaging might represent the first impression a customer has of your product, so it must perform its … Read more

How Packaging Influences Buying Habits


Many factors influence a shopper's buying habits, and packaging can have an incredible impact on the growth and popularity of a particular product or the entire product line of a company. Packaging is an essential factor in encouraging sales for virtually all industries from writers who want to sell books and need snappy book covers … Read more

Our Top Packaging Styles So Far In 2016

Each year, the changing trends and new styles influence how small businesses promote and advertise their products with custom packaging from Howard Packaging. This year, our most popular styles have included eco-friendly recycled paper bags, trendy custom Eurototes, and sustainable custom tissue paper. Want to know more about how our top packaging styles can benefit your … Read more

Branding Boxes: Creative and Versatile Packaging Ideas for the Modern Business

As you develop the marketing and branding plan for your business, you'll discuss projects like traditional advertising, web marketing, and the design of your retail spaces (if you have a brick & mortar presence). It's essential to consider packaging as another layer where you can utilize creative designs to enhance your business's brand. For a … Read more

Creative Custom Packaging: A Case Study

One of the essential features of developing a strong brand is creating the images that customers and clients will eventually associate with a company. Building that brand comes from activities like the creation of a logo, trademarked sayings, and color schemes that impact company advertising in retail spaces, web sites, and custom packaging. Here are a … Read more

2015 Summer Packaging Trends – Eurototes

Trends come and go in marketing and advertising, and keeping a close eye on packaging trends helps your business take advantage of the “next big thing” when it comes along.  Custom packaging is a dynamic and ever-changing environment where artists and packaging experts release new ideas for presenting your company’s products in creative and sustainable … Read more

How Fonts Impact Branding

An awesome trademark phrase won't stick in anyone's head if it's impossible to read the font used to display the trademark. Unfortunately, some business owners choose complex fonts that look impossible to read on a storefront, as well as on essential business items like custom printed bags, advertising materials, and general product packaging. There are … Read more

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