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Creative Companies and Their Innovative Custom Packaging

Creative Companies and Their Innovative Custom Packaging

Unique presentation and memorable packaging help build company brand, and we've worked with many talented companies over the years to create sustainable, custom paper bags, euro-totes, boxes, and shopping bags.

Want some inspiration for your project? Looking to understand the design process for custom euro totes, gift boxes, and sustainable packaging? Check out the stories of these Howard Packaging clients and how we met their design needs for unique packaging solutions.

1. Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges Gift Boxes

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a Bentonville, Arkansas museum that features works of historic American art and maintains a collection designed to help visitors understand the country's artistic heritage. The museum features a rather unique approach to standard museum experiences since the grounds include several miles of nature trails, as well as educational exhibitions around the property.

2. Walden Spa

Walden Spa Custom Paper Bag

Describing itself as an "exurban" oasis, Ohio's Walden is a collection of travel destinations near Aurora, Ohio including a spa, inn, golf course, and residential community. The luxurious spa is designed to feel as different from the standard, sterile spa as possible through its inviting décor, as well as a modern experience with state-of-the-art equipment and dermatology treatments.

3. Luminaire

Luminaire Euro Tote

Designer furniture company Luminaire operates out of Miami and Chicago and boasts a nearly 40-year history of design innovation and awards. From modern concept pieces to practical accessories and furniture, the company prizes creativity and functionality in its products. Often minimalistic with clean, modern lines, Luminaire sells furniture for every room in the home. 

4. Atelerie

Atelerie Apparel Boxes

A boutique in Bermuda, Atelerie features modern trends and jewelry from a variety of contemporary designers. The boutique mixes the talents of established designers alongside the new and innovative designs of emerging artists. Designers carried by Atelerie include Rebecca Taylor, Helmut Lang, and Rag & Bone.

5. Pastoral

Pastoral Bags & Boxes

With several locations in and around the Chicago area, Pastoral designs their retail stores to feel like little European shops that sell artisan cheese, bread, and wine. Using those delicious ingredients, Pastoral creates memorable sandwiches and salads, as well as gift baskets and catering trays.

6. Jameson Loves Danger

06 Jameson Loves Danger

A Chicago-area pet supply store, Jameson Loves Danger was the inspiration of two friends who had dogs that became best buddies. The name of the business features the names of the dogs: "Jameson" and "Danger." Through a love of animals and pets, Jameson Loves Danger features special events, a pet spa, grooming services and pet supplies like food, as well as fun gifts.

7. Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters

Berres Brothers Recycled Shopping Bags

A Wisconsin-based coffee roasters business, Berres Brothers features gourmet coffee for any occasion. The company specializes in high quality Arabica coffee for special events like holidays, parties, and corporate events. The company also sells coffee accessories like grinders, French presses, and brewers, as well as fun mugs and travel tumblers.

8. Cooks of Crocus Hill

08 Cooks of Crocus Recycled Shopping Bags

A Twin Cities area chef and culinary business, Cooks of Crocus Hill has a decades-long history of teaching the culinary arts, as well as sharing recipes and cooking hints and selling cooking supplies for people who love cooking. The company also has a long history of supporting local charity groups, as well as efforts at sustainable agriculture and small family farms.

9. Little Peach

Little Peach Recycled Euro Tote

A division of Peachtree Place, Little Peach features imaginative gifts for children like books and music, as well as creative furniture, jewelry, wall art, and gifts. Little Peach also features delicate, colorful figurines in adorable animal shapes, as well as beautiful mugs and decorative boxes with colorful, artistic flair.

10. Foursided

Foursided Recycled Shopping Bags

A Chicago-area framing and vintage gift card company, Foursided was founded in 2001 as a creative, custom framing business and eventually expanded to feature imaginative gift cards, art, and antiques. The talented artists at Foursided create vintage gifts perfect for a kitschy, urban dwelling.

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