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Creative Custom Packaging: A Case Study

Creative Custom Packaging: A Case Study

One of the essential features of developing a strong brand is creating the images that customers and clients will eventually associate with a company. Building that brand comes from activities like the creation of a logo, trademarked sayings, and color schemes that impact company advertising in retail spaces, web sites, and custom packaging.

Here are a few innovative companies and how they’ve managed to use custom packaging from us at Howard Packaging to give customers a pleasant buying experience while also reinforcing brand and positive impressions on eco-friendly business practices.

Silver in the City

01. Silver in the City

Described as an “unconventional” gift shop, Silver in the City chooses the gifts it sells based upon the concept that they would sell whatever “tickled” their fancy. From jewelry to housewares, the company soon built a positive reputation within Indianapolis for their continuously surprising gift offerings.

Of their business, Silver in the City says they’re…

“…humbly accepting “Best Gift Shop In Indianapolis” awards on the regular,  and relentlessly seeking out new offerings for you  to present on every birthday, holiday, and—what  the hey—Thursday.”

Silver in the City chose sustainable packaging for its dynamic and thoughtful gift bags, which is an essential step in the creation of custom packaging. According to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, true sustainable packaging must meet several criteria which include:

  • Safe for everyone throughout its lifecycle
  • Uses renewable or recycled source materials
  • Manufactured using clean production

Any business interested in the health and welfare of the planet can take a strong stand on eco-friendly business practices by utilizing sustainable packaging.

Classic Kids02. Classic Kids

As photographers who work in New York, Connecticut, Illinois, and California, the artists of Classic Kids are dedicated to the creativity and fun of family photography.

Classic Kids reveals they’re not “just” photographers and that they’re:

“…kid wranglers, artists, psychologists, giggle experts, style mavens, interior design consultants, card and book designers, baby whisperers, beauty seekers, framing specialists, art installers, party planners and simply —good friends.”

For their custom packaging option, Classic Kids chose custom printed boxes with subtle, clean lines that would allow the photographs to shine while also allowing the company’s logo to create a memorable and exciting moment before the big reveal of the pictures.

Creative Bloq offers some terrific advice on creating a subtle yet effective brand identity:

“Understanding the client's needs is the first step to creating a great brand identity. By limiting [color] palettes, details and typography, a simple identity can become timeless and move alongside the client's ever-changing visual landscape.”

Arch Apothecary03. Arch Apothecary

As a luxury beauty boutique with shops in Illinois and Wisconsin, Arch Apothecary creates a unique shopping experience for customers by creating retail environments decorated with pieces by local artists. 

They describe their offerings like this:

“With our exclusive cosmetic and skincare lines at their fingertips, our expert licensed aestheticians and certified cosmetologists create the look that’s perfect for you.”

To align with its trendy and modern approach to the art of makeup, Arch Apothecary chose custom printed eurototes as their custom product. The design featured a simple and clean façade with playful sides in a black and white checkered pattern.

With the limited number of colors chosen by Arch Apothecary for its custom eurototes, the company followed an essential design rule. Visage describes it like this:

“Use no more than five colors in a single layout. Color should be used sparingly to highlight important information.”

Likewise, Arch Apothecary also followed the rules of using a legible font, as well as using space as much as possible to ensure clear delivery of a company’s brand.

Itasca04. Itasca 

Engineering consulting and software firm Itasca describes itself as “global” and “employee-owned,” and they work to solve issues faced by professionals in a variety of industries like manufacturing and engineering.

According to information about the company:

“Over a history spanning 30 years, Itasca has developed into a firm offering integrated engineering consulting services and software to clients worldwide.”

To house its offerings, Itasca chose custom printed boxes with vibrant swatches of color and details about what a recipient would find in the box.

An article from describing marketing techniques for consultants offers advice on expansion:

“The easiest way to promote yourself is to do your job really well with the clients that you already have.”

Custom printed boxes aren’t used solely for customers walking out of retail stores or other traditional consumer transactions. Other entities like Itasca Consulting Group, Inc. also benefit from using custom printed boxes.

Cinnamon Boutique05. Cinnamon Boutique

Cinnamon Boutique sells women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry from a beautiful shop in Illinois. As a trendy retail outlet, Cinnamon Boutique describes itself as offering:

“the newest women’s clothing, jewelry, belts, handbags and other accessories.”

The packaging chosen by Cinnamon Boutique was a trendy custom eurotote that could be best described as “yummy” given its appealing pink and chocolate design.

Vivas shares why it’s so important to spend time creating appealing packaging:

“Creative and appealing package design don’t only attract customers, but it also plays important role in branding.”

Remember: A box without custom printing is a lost chance to enhance branding with your customers! 

Design Custom Packaging for Your Business

Is it time for you to create a new custom packaging solution for your business? Maybe you’d benefit from a trendy eurotote. Perhaps custom boxes could improve the experience your customers have whenever they receive a shipment.

Your brand will benefit from sustainable packaging options from Howard Packaging. If your business is interested in using modern packaging solutions that reduce your company's impact on the environment, let us know! Find out what we can do for your business. Request a Free Catalog and Sample Kit Today!


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