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How Packaging Influences Buying Habits

How Packaging Influences Buying Habits

buying habitsMany factors influence a shopper's buying habits, and packaging can have an incredible impact on the growth and popularity of a particular product or the entire product line of a company. Packaging is an essential factor in encouraging sales for virtually all industries from writers who want to sell books and need snappy book covers to any company that sells an item where packaging must protect the item during transport.

Packaging Reaches 100% of Customers

One of the reasons a carefully chosen packaging design is essential for any product is because the packaging reaches every single consumer who decides to purchase the product or considers purchasing the product. 

If you think about it, a consumer can't purchase the item unless he or she takes a look at the packaging, even if the consumer makes the purchase online and doesn't see the actual packaging until it's delivered via mail.

CPG Marketing reveals:

"[P]ackaging is the only marketing vehicle that the marketer has control of once the product is in stores. In-store advertising could be incorrect or overlooked by shoppers. Thus, the message your packaging sends becomes crucial."

Packaging can influence the buying habits of your customers whether you sell your products via the internet or in a traditional retail store. Packaging can also have an impact on a buyer's decision even if the first time they see the product is via an image.

Three Ways Your Packaging Impacts Buying Habits

When you create packaging that successfully influences the buying habits of your customers, you've taken advantage of one of the most cost-effective marketing options you have available. Your product needs packaging, and creating an alluring exterior wrapper for your product can make the difference between gaining a new customer and that buyer choosing a different, similar product from a competitor.

Here are three of the ways your packaging decisions can influence the buying habits of your customers:

1. Packaging works as "The Closer" on a purchase

Your packaging decision may actually convince someone to buy your product over a competitor's version, even if the two products are completely identical once you open the packaging and look inside. Imagine, for a moment, that the product your company produces is a fairly common product. 

How do you distinguish a set of completely identical ingredients or materials from your competitor? How do you encourage a shopper to purchase your item over another? The answer is packaging, which is an essential part of "closing the deal" on a purchase. 

2. Packaging feels familiar to customers

If you sell a product where people purchase replacements on a regular basis, the familiarity of the item's packaging can act as an incredible draw when it comes to influencing repeat purchases. When the contents of the packaging are good enough that your customers seek out your product again and again, your customer will associate your product's packaging with a good experience with the product. 

Incredibly, your customer will feel a positive, visceral reaction when he or she notices your product in the store with its familiar packaging. Your customers will seek out the cozy red box that holds your company's "paleo" cookies or the sleek white bag that holds your business's high-quality pens. 

3. Packaging is a brand ambassador

Your marketing choices and logo will have a definite impact on the way people perceive your brand and business, and the packaging you design will help your customers – and potential customers – form an opinion about your company. Is your business stylish and modern? Do you run a traditional, family-oriented business?

Your packaging is one of the simplest ways to convey the tone, reputation, and persona of your business, which is why making careful decisions during the design of your packaging is so essential. Packaging or wrapping isn't simply there to keep your product unharmed during transit. It's also there to influence the opinions of your customers.

Packaging is Essential for Helping You Gain New Customers

Just as your well-designed packaging attracts repeat business from loyal customers, it's also an essential part of attracting new customers. With the rise of internet-based companies and store shelves that carry dozens of identical products, the importance of packaging has reached a fever pitch.

The Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy reveals:

"Cluttered in-store environments combined with modern shopping [behavior] have made attention a critical factor for a pack to fail or succeed."

Imagine you're looking at the shelves in the cereal aisle in the grocery store. How many boxes of cereal do you see that are identical to one another? You might see a major brand selling a cereal primarily made of corn, as well as the identical store brand and a smaller brand selling the same cereal. You might even see a natural or organic brand selling the cereal, too.

The ingredients of these cereals might make an impact on which cereal a buyer chooses, but the packaging will, too. One oft-repeated rumor about cereals is that the packaging actually costs more to produce than the cereal. While this rumor might have some basis in fact for some cereals, the fact remains that box design for cereals is an essential part of the overall presentation of cereals in the grocery store.

Packaging as an Environmental Tool

If you run a business based on the ideals of sustainability, the packaging your company uses will likely undergo a design process that ensures the minimal use of materials, as well as other environmental considerations.

Business Case Studies offers an interesting perspective on creating sustainable packaging:

"Choice of packaging type is made on the basis of a series of trade-offs between many factors, particularly between the amount of packaging and likely product wastage."

As far as customer retention and perception are concerned, utilizing sustainable or recycled packaging is an excellent way to enhance the public reputation of your company. Have you ever ordered an item in the mail and received a box within a box within a box? The excess packaging can become a turn-off to buyers who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint with their buying and lifestyle choices.

Smart Packaging Protects Sales and  Products

It's a hassle to open a package where the contents are broken, and the experience of receiving a broken product can influence a customer to choose another vendor for their next purchase. 

The right type of protective packaging achieves a balance between packaging that protects the product and packaging that boasts an environmentally friendly container. Additionally, the packaging should ensure the item is protected well but not create a huge barrier for the customer who simply wants to open the item.

Retail Customer Experience shares:

"War stories of packaging have been shared and even parodied in popular media. In fact, Larry David committed an entire episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," to the escalating frustration or "wrap rage" typically associated with clamshell packaging; ultimately smashing his new GPS device on the floor."

Creating packaging that not only satisfies the requirement of protecting your product but also ensures your customers don't need to struggle with the packaging, the material is eco-friendly, and the packaging makes a positive, visual impact on the customer is a tall order.

Influence Buying Habits with Sustainable Packaging

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