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How to Choose the Best Type of Packaging for your Business

How to Choose the Best Type of Packaging for your Business

best type of packagingWhile the most important facet of your business might be its product, choosing the best type of packaging for your product is one of the best ways to create a more effective marketing pitch to your customers. Excellent packaging might represent the first impression a customer has of your product, so it must perform its job well.

The Guardian offers some interesting advice regarding the development of good packaging:

"It's a mistake that many startups make – focusing so closely on the product that they overlook the packaging. However, as many small firms have discovered, the right packaging can be crucial to getting products safely onto retailers' shelves and into customers' homes."

Retail Packaging Versus Packaging for Shipping

With the internet, businesses today have several options for getting their products to market. A business might work with traditional retail stores, which means building a network of retailers who will carry the company's products. The business can also operate wholly or partially online and deliver products by mail.

As a business owner in need of good packaging, you'll need to make some decisions about packaging based on the expected presentation of your product. A slick package may have an incredibly positive impact on whether a shopper decides to choose your product over any other when he or she examines it on a store shelf.

The responsibility of retail packaging is such that the packaging must create an appealing exterior that can act as a substitute for the actual product. Although some products don't actually require packaging and can stand on the strength of their innate designs (like a stuffed animal), any product where the customer must open a box or packaging to see the item must possess appealing packaging.

Here are a few tips from Boxability on how to pack your fragile items safely for shipping

  • Place the item in the centre of the box (make sure it doesn’t touch the edges) with cushioning surrounding it.
  • Pack padding material in all spaces and corners and ensure the box is totally full to avoid it being squashed by other boxes.
  • Never pack heavy items in the same box as fragile items.
  • Cover sharp edges on the item with cardboard or foam to avoid it piercing the box.
  • Tape all seams of the box for extra security. Remember to use only proper packaging tape.
  • For even more security, double box your item. Simply place the item’s box inside a slightly larger version and pack remaining space tight with cushioning material.

Common Features of the Best Type of Packaging

Although you'll make design decisions for your packaging based upon what's needed for your business and its products, there are some common features that tend to show up in each example of the "best" packaging. Here are some of those features:

  • Weight – The best packaging will always use as little material as possible. Not only does efficient packaging ensure you're running a sustainable business, but it's also an excellent selling point for your business.
  • Sustainable – Don't make the mistake of using packaging that your customers can't recycle or that isn't already made of recycled materials. Customers want packaging that looks good, but that treats the planet right, too.
  • Easy – Your customers don't want to spend four years opening the package and wear down a pair of scissors just to get to your product. Your packaging should open easily without the need for extra tools like scissors.
  • Appealing – Even if you choose minimalistic packaging that features just a couple colors, it's important for the packaging to appear aesthetically pleasing. The best design advice? Don't go overboard with colors and cluttered designs.

Try Out Different Designs, Shapes, & Packaging Types

If this will be your first foray into packaging, and the only branded item you've used in the past has been custom printed bags for customers to use when shopping, there's no reason to assume you will choose the perfect packaging on your first try or without performing a test run with your design.

Before you finalize your efforts at designing your new packaging, you might want to try placing a few sample boxes on a store shelf to judge their appearance. It's also a good idea to act as the customer might, and open the packaging as if you were buying the product to use.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you've designed or chosen the best type of packaging:

  1. Does the packaging feature your company's official colors?
  2. Is the logo and/or company graphic easy to read when the product is on a store shelf?
  3. Does the packaging look appealing whether it's online or displayed in a store?
  4. Is the package easy to open and require no tools?
  5. Is the packaging strong enough to protect the contents?

You might find that a basic, rectangular box with a simple logo on the front is all you need to display your product in the best light. However, you may also realize the experience of opening the product might be better with the addition of some custom tissue paper or specialty features like twine or bows.

Types of Packaging You May Choose

You might think of a box when it comes to your product packaging, but you have a few different types available. The size and shape of your product, as well as where you'll sell it, will influence your decision on the best type of packaging for your business. Howard Packaging offers a wide range of packaging options that may all be customized for your company's needs.

Here are some of the packaging options that you may need to consider:

  • Custom printed boxes
  • Custom printed plastic bags
  • Custom printed paper bags
  • Custom printed Eurototes
  • Custom tissue paper
  • Custom shopping bags

Choose the Best Type of Packaging with Howard Packaging

Are you looking to update the packaging for one of your products? Are you releasing a new product that needs excellent packaging? Let us help you choose the best type of packaging for your business with sustainable packaging options from Howard Packaging. Request a Free Catalog and Sample Kit Today!

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