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How to Grab Attention With Custom Shopping Bags

How to Grab Attention With Custom Shopping Bags

custom shopping bagsIn a world where conservation, sustainability, and the protection of the earth's resources are essential for our future, custom shopping bags offer a terrific way to provide an eco-friendly and recyclable option for your customers. Custom bags also provide some savvy marketing opportunities in your community.

It's All About Visibility

With custom bags, your company's marketing presence doesn't end when the customer walks out the front door. You'll gain marketing value for any type of bag you choose when you put your company's personal design stamp upon the bags.

There's no reason to use generic bags that feature a big, bland "thank you" on the front when you can get creative with your company's logo or trademark. Create a bag that will promote your business after your customer checks out at the register and steps beyond the exit.

Designing an Awesome Bag

To gain the most value from your custom shopping bag, you'll want to spend time consulting a professional about your company's logo and how it will appear on the bags. You might want to convey some information about your company on the shopping bags, but resist the urge to create a busy graphic that takes more than a few seconds to read.

You want people who see your bags outside your retail store to know exactly where that bag was obtained with just a brief glance. According to Design Shack, color is essential.

One of the most important considerations for logo design is the color palette. This is not a superficial decision, color carries meanings and communicates ideas. Sometimes you’re pegged to the colors of a brand, but other times you’ll have the freedom to explore.

Special Event Bags

Your business's logo is usually one of the best graphics to include on custom shopping bags, but you may also use mascots and anything else that defines your company's marketing persona. You may also want to consider bags for special events like holidays, large sales, or anniversaries. 

With custom bags, remind your customers of the dates for a clearance sale or the day of a special product unveiling. You can also combine holiday celebrations with your logo. Perhaps your business sells decorative items, and you sell a lot of Halloween decorations. Dress up your custom shopping bags with a black and orange version of your company logo for October. Then, encourage your customers to use their bags as trick-or-treat bags.

Charitable Events and Sponsorships

Another way to make the most of your business's custom packaging is through events that take place in your town. Perhaps a group of professionals is scheduled to meet at the local convention center, and your company makes products those professionals will use. Inquire about sponsoring the event, and your business logo may appear on the "swag" bags given to all participants.

Inc suggests a company can maximize returns on sponsorship by going further and engaging with the participants of the event you plan to sponsor.

Simply cutting a check is fine, but why stop there? Some sponsors use events like ours as a corporate retreat: They bring 30 employees out for a great wine country weekend. When it's a great event that supports worthy causes, participants feel good about themselves. What better time to engage with them or your team?

Bags for Internet-Based Companies

If your business conducts its sales online and doesn't have a brick and mortar location, you can still use custom shopping bags to your benefit. Offer your customers gift wrapping, and one of the choices for wrapping styles can be a custom shopping bag with some tissue paper and handles for carrying the gift to a party.

Alternatively, there's also custom boxes for your internet-based business. You know exactly what's coming in the mail when you see the smiling Amazon arrow on the side of a box. Get the same effect with a custom box of your own!

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