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Howard Packaging Sponsors Show of Hands Chicago

Howard Packaging Sponsors Show of Hands Chicago

howard packaging show of handsHoward Packaging is a sponsor of the 2015 Show of Hands arts and crafts fair to be held from May 8th to 10th at Architectural Artifacts, which is a huge event space and upscale warehouse.

All About Show of Hands Chicago

Craft fairs are an incredibly popular feature of local communities, and small, local businesses often set up as vendors at these friendly events. The organizers of Show of Hands felt that residents in the Chicago-area might enjoy a craft fair focusing on high-end arts and crafts.

According to event organizers, Show of Hands Chicago is:

"a new marketplace event featuring a finely-curated group of independent artists, designers & craftspeople."

The organizers aim to create a fun and relaxed shopping experience for visitors who can explore the offerings of unique vendors of home goods, ceramics, art prints, and a host of other creative industries. The show even features craft beer, "sweet treats," and food trucks.

The organizers describe their gathering of arts and crafts professionals as a group that caters to those seeking high-end and high-caliber work.

"The goal of Show of Hands is to fill a void in the world of art fairs, handmade marketplaces and craft shows. OrangeBeautiful will curate, organize, promote and fully execute a professional and highly-anticipated event for shoppers, sponsors & vendors alike.  In short, this ain't your grandma's craft show."

Some of the vendors you'll see at this year's Show of Hands include:

  • Lilla Barn Clothing
  • Simon & Ruby
  • Emmy Star Brown
  • PO Campo

Where and When is Show of Hands Chicago?

2015 marks the third year for this festive showcase of independent arts and crafts vendors, and the event is scheduled for May 8 – 10 on the Mother's Day holiday weekend at the Architectural Artifacts retail warehouse at 4325 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, IL.

The retail setting is about 20 minutes north of Chicago, and you won't have any problems finding parking when you attend. Friday, May 8th is preview night and tickets cost $10. May 9th and 10th feature free admission.

howard packaging show of handsHow Shopping Locally Helps Everyone

Sometimes, the idea of shopping locally sounds like a catchphrase used by politicians to drum up support from small businesses. However, the truth is that local shoppers and the small, local businesses they patronize, feed more money into the local economy than national chains ever could. 

According to the American Independent Business Alliance:

"The disappearance of local businesses leaves a social and economic void that is palpable and real — even when it goes unmeasured."

Further, local businesses enhance the character and community of the towns in which they operate, which is more than can be said of large, corporate entities that rely on foreign labor and cater to stockholders instead of improving the lives of local citizens and neighborhoods.

The financial prosperity granted by small, local businesses is also an incredible part of the gifts offered by this vital part of our small communities.

A study conducted in 2004 entitled the "Andersonville Study of Retail Economics" published some fascinating numbers regarding the economic impact of local businesses and consumer spending.

For spending at local businesses, the study found:

"For every $100 in consumer spending with a local firm, $68 remains in the Chicago economy."

And for spending at chain stores, the study found:

"For every $100 in consumer spending with a chain firm, $43 remains in the Chicago economy."

Small Businesses Perform Better Than Chain Stores

One of the most interesting parts of the study was the measure of local impact on things like wages, benefits, and profits. The study found that around ten chain stores had a larger economic impact overall than ten local firms. However, the study showed that small local firms gave the city comparable revenue when the numbers were shown to include total revenue per square foot.

The study found that small, locally-owned businesses performed better than chain stores in four essential areas:

  1. Local firms spent more money on labor for local workers.
  2. Most local firms were owned by residents, which kept the profits in town.
  3. Local firms used local goods to offer their services.
  4. Small businesses donated more to local charities and fundraisers.

In every way, local businesses help their communities grow by improving the lives of local residents and keeping revenue in town. Shopping at local businesses is an activity everyone needs to consider, and Show of Hands Chicago is a terrific way to begin shopping with small, local vendors.

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