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Our Top Packaging Styles So Far In 2016

Our Top Packaging Styles So Far In 2016

Each year, the changing trends and new stytop packaging stylesles influence how small businesses promote and advertise their products with custom packaging from Howard Packaging. This year, our most popular styles have included eco-friendly recycled paper bags, trendy custom Eurototes, and sustainable custom tissue paper.

Want to know more about how our top packaging styles can benefit your business? Read on to discover more about our environmentally-friendly packaging options.

custom-printed-recycled-paper-bags-cleveland-ohio-howard-packaging1. Custom Recycled Paper Bags

Our custom recycled paper bags feature your logo and text, so they provide an excellent combination of secure packaging and advertising. Your customers will appreciate the environmentally-friendly paper we use to create our bags, and customized paper bags will display your company's logo in a trendy and upscale way.

A forgettable paper bag that simply reads "thank you for shopping" won't offer your business any value once your customer leaves your place of business. However, a trendy bag with your logo on it can help fuel the professional persona you wish to project to your customers. Plus, you'll be helping your customers lead a sustainable lifestyle:

"Made from recycled corrugated containers and paper products, this paper is a prime example of recovering reusable materials before they enter the waste stream."

In addition, using customized packaging is one of the best ways to distinguish your small business from dozens (or even thousands) of similar businesses. Even if you've put your heart and soul into the founding of your business, there's a good chance someone else has also put their blood, sweat, and tears into the experience.

Inc. shares some sage advice about customized packaging:

"Packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different. Apple is known for its clean, minimalist packaging. If you've ever watched an unboxing video for a new iPhone, you know people love Apple's packaging."

Imagine helping build a business persona where your customers not only get excited about the products you sell but also enjoy opening a package with your logo on it or carrying around a bag with your company's colors and trademark.

0206 - Eurotote 042. Custom Eurototes

Every business owner wants to create a persona where customers are enthusiastic about shopping at the establishment.

Customized packaging is an important tactile experience for customers, and the right packaging can make all the difference during a first impression of your company. Interestingly, customized packaging and boxes have grown into 

Custom printed Eurototes from Howard Packaging are:

"One of the most elegant bags we offer, our custom printed eurototes express the style and tone of your brand with stylish, portable ease. Boasting an array of capabilities, these stylish and functional custom bags are created to fit your company's unique design and branding requirements."

The growth of "unboxing" videos is more evidence that customized packaging isn't just about the visual style of the packaging. A report from CNN recently shared:

"Welcome to the world of "unboxing videos," one of the many peculiar genres on YouTube, the Google-owned video hosting site where viewers watch more than 6 billion hours of video every month. The volume of unboxing videos has boomed in recent years. Easy to make and surprisingly hypnotic to watch, the videos have become a lucrative little corner of the Internet for the people who film them."

According to further information from CNN, some companies have even started creating and uploading their own unboxing videos to share with fans on platforms like YouTube.

Imagine a customer putting in the time and effort to create a video that might be shared with thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of potential customers. Even if your business isn't in the business of selling smartphones (unboxing videos of iPhones are apparently quite popular), a fashionable and trendy package or bag can become an exciting gift for your loyal customers.

custom-tissue-paper-green-bay-wisconsin-howard-packaging3. Custom Tissue Paper

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, and an essential component for some retailers is the addition of tissue paper, particularly when a purchase is a gift. You can use custom tissue paper from Howard Packaging in a variety of ways whether it's visible within a custom paper bag or it's wrapped around your business's products in a custom printed box.
Custom tissue paper is a sustainable part of your custom packaging efforts:

"Our tissue factory has instituted a long list of sustainable practices that make it one of the most environmentally friendly paper manufacturers in the world."

In addition to helping your company maintain environmentally responsible practices, custom tissue paper from Howard Packaging can also provide you with marketing value when you need to use shipping boxes that have no identifiable markings. For example, you may want to provide customers with gift-wrapping, and a box with your company's logo would spoil the surprise.

You could use a box without your company's markings on it in one of your company's main colors (perhaps your logo is blue and white, so you use blue boxes and white tissue paper). Unmarked boxes would make it possible to ship your products directly to gift recipients without spoiling the surprise while the tissue paper inside the box would create a little anticipation and excitement when the box was opened.

Howard Packaging: Did You Know?

Businesses today must operate with sustainability as a top goal, and environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging options from Howard Packaging can help your business meet that goal. Here are a few reasons working with Howard Packaging is an excellent way to introduce sustainable practices to your business.

Howard Packaging works with sustainable manufacturers:

"… many of our factories have taken it upon themselves to institute sustainable manufacturing processes that help reduce their carbon footprint."

Howard Packaging's products comply with packaging legislation:

"All products sold by Howard Packaging comply with the Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation regarding the presence of heavy metals in packaging products."

Howard Packaging uses U.S. and Canada-based manufacturers:

"Products made in the U.S. and Canada that are manufactured under strict federal, state and local environmental regulations are preferable to products made in countries that do not have, or do not enforce, strict environmental regulations."

Sustainable Recycled Packaging Solutions from Howard Packaging

Are you looking for ways to introduce sustainability to your business? Are you interested in eco-friendly packaging that offers additional benefits for branding and marketing? Find out what Howard Packaging can do for your business. Request a Free Catalog and Sample Kit Today!

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