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Sustainable Packaging: Five Superior Companies

Sustainable Packaging: Five Superior Companies

sustainable packagingMuch of the talk regarding sustainable business practices today revolves around energy and reducing a business's "carbon footprint." Construction of energy-efficient buildings, use of efficient lighting options, and creative HVAC systems help businesses today reduce their impact on the environment.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) says that businesses need to consider the following when implementing a plan for long-term sustainability:

  • Air pollution
  • Green building design
  • Green power & energy
  • Using paper
  • Waste reduction
  • Water conservation

Regarding the use of paper and packaging, it's a subject that the SBA suggests  gets forgotten in the wake of energy-efficient light bulbs and sustainability concepts that impact energy usage.

However, reducing paper and packaging use is an exceptionally easy way to reduce the energy used by a company since energy must be used to create paper products and packaging.

Of paper reduction techniques, the SBA suggests:

You may not think of your business' paper use as an area to save energy, but it is. Paper manufacturers in the U.S. consume a significant amount of energy each year in the production of paper – not to mention the energy spent harvesting and shipping trees, and shipping paper products to your business. There are some simple steps you can follow to optimize your use of this valuable resource that will save money, reduce waste, protect our nation's forests and reduce energy consumption!

Sustainable lifestyle organization Green Choices suggests that somewhere between 25% and 33% of all waste comes from packaging and that many of these packages aren't easily recycled because they're full of plastic and laminated materials.

Here are 5 Global Leaders in Sustainable Packaging

1. Equity Packaging Inc.

Counting major clients like Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Microsoft, Equity Packaging Inc designs full-scale solutions that attack sustainable packaging from every angle, from customer experience to company profits.

On sustainability, Equity Packaging Inc. suggests:

Sustainable packaging is doing the right thing!  And doing the right thing can really help you distinguish your packaging in today’s competitive market; in fact, packaging can be the distinguishing factor.  You just need the right partner to help make sense of sustainability.

2. Ecopia

This Minnesota-based company helps businesses transition from using wasteful, plastic packaging to using sustainable packaging from plant-based solutions and eco-friendly products. The company counts companies like Billabong, Lakewinds, and Doolittles as clients.

One of the notable offerings from Ecopia is its line of reusable shopping bags that not only reduce paper and plastic waste, but also feature a fully plant-based bag for incredible sustainability.

3. Fagerdala Singapore Pte Ltd

In business for over 30 years, Fagerdala Singapore has been a worldwide provider of "total protective packaging solutions" for many years. The focus of Fagerdala Singapore is to be involved in vertically integrated systems and to help design a sustainable process from concept to delivery of goods.

Of their sustainable products, Fagerdala Singapore says:

In our relentless pursuit to reduce our own environmental impact, we have developed a range of sustainable packaging solutions made 100% from recycled polyethylene content that is sourced from our closed loop recycling infrastructure and collections program. Fagerdala is committed to helping customers reduce their carbon footprint and endeavors to live the dream of "making the world lighter."

4. Howard Packaging, LLC

Established in 1959, Skokie, Illinois-based Howard Packaging has distinguished itself in packaging solutions by winning several industry awards like the Retail Packaging Association's "Distributor of the Year Award" an impressive four times.

Of their products, Howard Packaging says:

Howard Packaging has long been acknowledged as the industry leader in the design and production of custom printed packaging products tailored to fit their customers’ marketing needs. Additionally, we offer customized distribution programs for retail and restaurant operations ranging in size from 5 to 500 locations.

Howard Packaging offers several sustainable packaging solutions, such as recycled shopping bags, recycled paper bags and recyced tissue paper. Check out the company's definition of sustainablity here.

5. Penford Corporation

With a history stretching back to 1895, Penford is one of the oldest examples of a company dedicated to naturally-based ingredients for a variety of business packaging applications like papermaking and animal products, and the company is even involved in producing fuel-grade ethanol.

The company is notable for its wide variety of paper products which include printing, packaging, and tissue paper, in addition to paperboard, newsprint, and specialty papers.

Sustainable Packaging Resources

There are a number of organizations which help businesses figure out ways to use more sustainable products. These organizations are a valuable resource for any business looking for ways to reduce costs and the amount of packaging used.

  • Sustainable Packaging Alliance (SPA): This organization helps businesses make "informed decisions" about packaging sustainability by providing tools services, and development advice for today's companies.
  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC): This organization also helps businesses decide upon the best resources to create a more sustainable business model by using modern technology, science, and resources.
  • Sustainability in Packaging: This yearly exhibition features experts on sustainable packaging, as well as several major players in the sustainable packaging industry. The conference is designed to help businesses maintain profitability while investigating sustainable packaging options.

Join the Sustainable Packaging Revolution

Sustainable packaging demonstrates your business's commitment to the environment and ensuring the planet's survival for centuries to come. Market your company's brand through sustainable packaging options from Howard Packaging. 

If your business is interested in using modern packaging solutions, let us know! Find out what we can do for your business. Request a Free Catalog and Sample Kit Today!

Bag Ban Compliant

Sustainable Packaging

Ensure that Your Business Offers Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Packaging Options

At Howard Packaging, wherever possible, we try and provide our customers with sustainably produced, environmentally friendly packaging products. Whether it’s recycled paper shopping bags, merchandise bags, SOS bags, tissue or gift boxes our products help to ‘close the loop’— recycled products that can be easily recycled.

Additionally, many of our factories have taken it upon themselves to institute sustainable manufacturing processes that help reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to institute a sustainable packaging program for your retail or food service business, contact Howard Packaging and we will make it happen for you.

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Howard Packaging’s Definition of Sustainable Packaging

  • Products made from significant amounts of recycled material with high percentages of post  consumer recycled content  that can be recycled in most community curbside recycling programs are a sustainable, ‘closed loop’ packaging product.
  • Products made in the U.S. and Canada that are manufactured under strict federal, state and local environmental regulations are preferable to products made in countries that do not have, or do not enforce, strict environmental regulations. Click here to see what our tissue factory based in Otter River, MA is doing (on their own) to incorporate sustainable manufacturing processes into their facility.
  • All sustainable packaging products should comply with the Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation that has been enacted by 19 states regarding the presence of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexovalent chromium.
  • Products that cannot be recycled in most community curbside recycling programs have a significantly reduced value as a sustainable packaging product.

How Our Products Fit into Our Sustainable Packaging Definition

Many of Howard Packaging products are made from significant amounts of recycled material that can be easily recycled:

  • Stock and custom printed natural kraft and white kraft paper shopping bags produced in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Stock and custom printed natural kraft and white gloss gift and apparel boxes (no foil stamping).
  • Stock and custom printed natural kraft paper merchandise bags and custom printed white kraft merchandise bags.
  • Custom printed and stock natural kraft, white and colored wrapping tissue.
Custom Packaging Custom Tissue Paper howard packaginghoward packaging Custom Printed Recycled Tissue Paper

Howard Packaging Products Made in the U.S. and Canada (where possible):

  • All sizes and paper grades of stock and custom printed paper shopping bags.
  • All stock and custom printed paper merchandise bags.
  • All stock gift, apparel and jewelry boxes.
  • Most custom set up and custom folding cartons.
  • All sizes and colors of stock and custom printed wrapping tissue.
  • Custom printed plastic patch handle and die cut handle merchandise bags.
  • Custom printed paper SOS grocery style bags.
  • All paper grades and widths of stock and custom printed gift wrap.
  • Accordion shred products.

Howard Packaging products that comply with the Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation:

All products sold by Howard Packaging comply with the Model Toxics in Packaging Legislation regarding the presence of heavy metals in packaging products. Certificates of Compliance are on file in our office.

Howard Packaging Products That Cannot be Recycled in Most Community Curbside Recycling Programs:

  • Reusable bags made from Non-Woven or Woven Polypropylene (often referred to as ‘cloth bags).
  • Reusable bags made from reclaimed, virgin or organic cotton.
  • Bags and boxes with foil stamping, laminations, grommets, and leather or plastic handles.
  • Most ribbon products(because the base material can’t be identified during the sorting process).
  • ‘Thin’  HDPE and LDPE plastic bags.

You can also check with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to see how they define sustainable packaging.

Make Your Packaging Sustainable–Contact Us For Free Samples and Free Catalog.

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