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sustainable packaging

3 Easy Steps Toward Sustainable Packaging

Small business owners today have many opportunities to engage in sustainable practices at the workplace and throughout the lifecycle of their products and services, and sustainable packaging is an excellent way to being a journey toward an eco-friendly business model. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition offers a wealth of resources and information on creating sustainable packaging … Read more

Creative Companies and Their Innovative Custom Packaging

Unique presentation and memorable packaging help build company brand, and we've worked with many talented companies over the years to create sustainable, custom paper bags, euro-totes, boxes, and shopping bags. Want some inspiration for your project? Looking to understand the design process for custom euro totes, gift boxes, and sustainable packaging? Check out the stories … Read more

Sustainable Packaging: Five Superior Companies

Much of the talk regarding sustainable business practices today revolves around energy and reducing a business's "carbon footprint." Construction of energy-efficient buildings, use of efficient lighting options, and creative HVAC systems help businesses today reduce their impact on the environment. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) says that businesses need to consider the following when implementing … Read more

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