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Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

Branded Food Service Products

Carry Out Bags

Recycled Paper Shopping Bags

Branded recycled paper shopping bags are the most environmentally friendly carry out bag option on the market today. Made from recycled paper(up to 95% post consumer content) in the USA, our recycled shopping bags offer you the best option to put your ‘walking billboard’ on the street in an environmentally responsible way.

And we’ll make it easy for you—first time orders receive free plates and free freight. We print 1-3 colors at the same price with no limits on the amount of ink coverage. Minimums start at just 5,000 bags per size.

If you need help designing your branded, recycled paper shopping bag we can help. We offer a free design service that will show you just how your design will look on the bag.

Food Service Carry Out Sizes:

  • 8x5x10 twisted paper handle
  • 10x5x10 twisted paper handle
  • 10x5x13 twisted paper handl
  • 10x7x12 twisted paper handle
  • 14x9x16 twisted paper handle
  • 14x9x16 twisted paper handle
  • 5x3x8 twisted paper handle
  • 5x3x13 twisted paper handle
  • 12X7X12 flat handle
  • 12X7X15.75 flat handle

Environmental benefits

  • Natural Kraft—100% recycled paper, 95% post consumer
  • White Kraft— 40% recycled paper, 40% post consumer
  • Bag Ban Compliant
  • 100% recyclable in community recycling programs
  • FSC certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Free plates and freight on first time orders
  • Minimums start at 5,000 bags per size

Tamper Proof Carry Out Bags

Worried about delivery drivers grabbing a few fries and putting your brand and carry out business in jeopardy? We have tamper evident carry out bags available in both paper and plastic. We can even protect your carry out drink orders with one and two drink tamper evident bags.

Paper Shopping Bags
  • Uses a ‘peel and seal’ adhesive strip
  • Made from up to 100% recycled paper
  • Three restaurant carry out sizes:
    • 10”x7”x12”
    • 13”x7”x13”
    • 14”x9”x16”
  • Made in the USA
  • Minimums start at 50,000 bags per size

‘Seal 2 Go’® Plastic Bags
  • ‘Peel and seal’ adhesive strip
  • Perforation on top for easy opening
  • Wide openings for easy loading
  • Economical wave top plastic bags
  • Multiple sizes available
  • One and two drink carriers also available
  • Minimums start a 25,000 bags per size
  • Plastic carry out bags and drink carriers are imported

Plastic Shopping Bags

Wave Top Plastic Bags
Plastic Wave Top bags are our most economical carry out bag option. Made in the USA from extra strong high density plastic, these bags are offered in 15 film colors and 9 restaurant carry out sizes, including sizes with extra wide gussets to accommodate your largest carry out containers.And if you are located in an area with a plastic bag ban, we can make your wave top bags ‘plastic bag ban compliant’ by increasing the thickness of the film.
  • 9 restaurant carry out sizes
  • Up to 11” wide gussets
  • Minimums start at 12,000 bags per size
  • Made in the USA

Plastic Shopping Bags

Our branded plastic shopping bags are custom designed to suit every carry out and catering need. These shopping bags are produced to your unique specifications, including bag size, film thickness, handle style and printing requirements. Minimums start at just 5,000 bags per size. Lead times apply. These bags are imported.

  • Custom sizes
  • Four handle styles
  • Minimums start at 5,000 bags per size

Basket Liners, Bakery and Sandwich Wraps

Branded Basket Liners and Sandwich Wraps are one of the most effective marketing tools available to restaurants and caterers. Put your branded liners and wraps right in front of your customer during their meal. One out of every five millennials will post a photo of their food on social media. Don’t miss out on that marketing opportunity. We make it easy for you with low minimums and help with your design.

Dry Wax

  • Lightweight, high performance and ultra performance sheets
  • White or kraft
  • 12”x12” and 15”x15” standard sizes
  • Minimums start at 25,000 sheets
  • Approved for direct food contact

Grease Resistant White or Natural

  • Quick turn around
  • Up to four color digital printing
  • Spot printing available
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • Low minimums (6,000 sheets)

Napkins, Coasters, Cups, Sleeves


Printed Napkins

Our ‘Made in the USA’ branded napkins are available in White, Natural and 21 colors. We offer 1-3 color printing and 1 ply to 3 ply papers in several sizes. Minimums start at 50,000.

Printed Coasters

Our pulp board coasters can be printed in up to 4 colors on 2 sides and are made in the USA. Minimums start at just 2,500 piece

Printed Cups

Our low minimum cup program comes in four standard sizes:

  • 8 oz.
  • 12 oz.
  • 16 oz.
  • 20 oz.

These ‘Made in the USA’ grooved paper cups can be printed in up to 4 colors, including CYMK. And there are no plate or set up charges. Sipper lids are available in white and black.

Please note – we also offer standard paper and clear cup styles in minimums of 25,000 pieces.

Specialty Bags

Foil Lined

Our foil lined paper bags are used to help retain heat for burgers, hot sandwiches, chicken and any other food product that needs to stay warm a little longer. Minimums start at just 25,000 bags.

Grease resistant

Grease resistant bags are available in white and kraft and are perfect for hot, fried and microwaveable foods. Minimums start at 25,000 per size

Lined Paper Tin Tie Bags

Confections, popcorn and bakery goods all have unique packaging requirements for freshness and grease resistance. Our line of poly propylene lined paper tin tie bags can help keep your product fresh longer. We offer 11 standard sizes of lined tin tie bags with 5 different paper options, including grease resistant natural and white. Minimums start at 25,000 per size. Made in the USA.

Bread and Sandwich Bags

Our sandwich and bread bags can be made from bleached white, natural kraft kraft and grease resistant white papers. Minimums start as low as 10,000 bags per size.

Apple Bags

Apple bags aren’t just for apples anymore. For your smaller carry out items, these are a unique and economical way to get your brand out on the street. Minimums start at just 5,000 bags per size for simple prints. Papers available are white and natural kraft. Made in the USA.

Bottle Bags

Paper Shopping Bags

5x3x13 paper shopping bags are made in the USA from recycled white or natural kraft. New orders receive free plates and free freight. Minimums start at 5,000 bags per size.

Eurostyle bottle bags

add elegance to your wine and craft spirits packaging program. Made to your size and graphics specifications. Minimums start at just 5,000 bags per size. Bags are imported.

Catering Bags

8”x5”x10” paper shopping bag

14”x9”x16” paper shopping

24”x14”x14”x14” non-woven reusable bag

SOS Bags

Specialty Boxes

Without your brand on it, it’s just a box. We offer an extensive line of printable deli boxes, gable boxes, confection boxes, pie boxes and high end set up confection boxes.

High-end confection boxes

The ultimate package in creative design and branding. These set up confection boxes are made to your exact size and graphics specifications. They are offset printed and can be foil stamped, embossed and process printed in up to six colors. These boxes are made in both the USA and overseas. Minimums start at just 2,000 boxes per size.


Made in the USA, these boxes can be flexo printed or foil stamped in a wide range of stock sizes. Minimums start as low as 1,000 boxes per size.

  • Stackable printed 9”x7”x4” deli box
  • Printed gable box 8”x5”x5”

Pie boxes

We have a wide range of standard sizes that can be foil stamped or flexo printed. And if you want a complete overall printed design, we can do that also. Minimums start at 5,000 per size.
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