Custom Printed Packaging by Howard Packaging

Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

Custom Printed Packaging in Buffalo, New York

Custom Printed Packaging in Buffalo, New York

Need Flexible, Engaging Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Business in Buffalo, NY?

welcome-to-buffalo-nyWhen it comes to presenting your Buffalo business to customers, attention to detail is essential. At Howard Packaging, we completely understand this and have over 50 years’ experience meeting the varying custom printed packaging requirements of independent and national chain businesses.

What makes Howard Packaging special is our flexibility and ability design the perfect packaging for your needs. In fact, as a four-time winner of the Retail Packaging Association’s Distributor of the Year award, we’ve long been acknowledged as the industry leader in custom packaging design and the production of custom printed packaging products tailored to fit customers’ marketing needs.

Howard Packaging’s Custom Printed Packaging Options in Buffalo, NY

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Here are a Couple Examples of the Work we do at Howard Packaging:

Custom-Printed-Recycled-Shopping-Bags-buffalo-nyCustom Printed Recycled Shopping Bags

Display your company’s brand in style with custom printed recycled shopping bags by Howard Packaging, LLC. We offer multiple varieties of flexible packaging design options, each of which presents your business in a professional and stylish manner.

Custom-Printed-Recycled-Paper-Bags-buffalo-new-yorkCustom Printed Recycled Paper Bags

When only the most eco-friendly packaging will do, choose custom printed recycled paper bags from Howard Packaging, LLC. Imprinted with your business logo and text, custom printed recycled paper bags are a great way to promote your company and feature a more upscale look to match the image you want to project.

For more examples, check out our gallery!

5 Fun Facts About Buffalo, NY

  1. Buffalo’s Turkey Trot is the longest continually running footrace in America, starting in 1896, inspiring similar races all around the country.
  2. President Theodore Roosevelt was sworn into office in Buffalo following the shooting and subsequent death of President William McKinley.
  3. In the early 1900’s, Buffalo had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the United States! That was around the time when Buffalo was an important railroad hub and stop along the trade route from East to West, plus the largest grain-milling center in the U.S. When the St Lawrence Seaway was opened and replaced the Erie Canal as the most significant waterway in the region and Amtrak rerouted trains to nearby Depew, the steel industry and grain milling declined, Buffalo’s prosperity dropped consequently, but you can still see many of the millionaire’s mansions along Delaware Avenue, which was known as Millionaires Row back in the day.
  4. You Can Make an Entire Sentence with Only the Word Buffalo: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a sentence. Here’s how — buffalo can be an adjective meaning (from) Buffalo, NY, a noun meaning bison and a verb meaning to bully or intimidate.
    So think of it like this — “The buffalo from Buffalo who are buffaloed by buffalo from Buffalo, buffalo (verb) other buffalo from Buffalo.”
    And there you have it; Bison from Buffalo who are intimidated by bison from Buffalo are themselves intimidating bison from Buffalo.
  5. Ralph Wilson first tried to get his team located in Miami and when they turned him down he located in Buffalo.

We Service the Following Locations in the Great Lakes Area of the U.S.:

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While we’re based in Skokie, IL, we offer design, branding and distribution services for independent and national chain businesses throughout North America.

Howard Packaging, LLC’s Main Office Location:

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3462 W. Touhy Ave.
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*Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trades. We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

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