Custom Printed Packaging by Howard Packaging

Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

Custom Printed Packaging in Cincinnati, Ohio

Custom Printed Packaging in Cincinnati, Ohio

Build Your Brand With Custom Printed Packaging From Howard Packaging! We’ll Help Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd in Cincinnati

First impressions happen in a matter of seconds, and it’s often your business’s packaging that people see first before they see your products!

At Howard Packaging, we can help you make that first impression be a positive and memorable one.

The bottom line is that your business needs exceptional packaging whether it’s showcasing your product on the shelves of local shops or on a customer’s shopping bag as they walk through downtown Cincinnati.

We’ve worked with many small businesses in the retail, food services and products trades, and we know exactly how to create distinctive packaging that looks great, builds your brand, and protects your product!

This flexibility and ability design the perfect packaging for customers’ needs is what makes us stand out. In fact, as a four-time winner of the Retail Packaging Association’s Distributor of the Year award, we’ve long been acknowledged as the industry leader in custom packaging design and the production of custom printed packaging products tailored to fit customers’ marketing needs.

We have the design skills and products to catch the eye of your discerning Cincinnati clientele!

Howard Packaging’s Custom Printed Packaging Options in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Here are a Couple Examples of the Work We Do at Howard Packaging:

Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Looking for a unique custom printed plastic bag to highlight your products? You’ve come to the right place! We have the custom printed packaging options to fit your exact needs. At Howard Packaging, our custom printed plastic bags give you the freedom to personalize your brand on a wide variety of plastic bags handle styles, sizes and film gauges made from both high density (HDPE) and low density (LDPE) plastic films.

Custom Printed Boxes

If you’re serious about getting your products into retail stores, your product packaging and brand has to be up to the challenge. Custom printed boxes are a big part of your businesses presentation. Whether it’s custom folding boxes or set up boxes, the packaging you choose will influence how your products are perceived. Our custom printed boxes are a quick, easy, and retail friendly way to package your products.

For more examples, check out our gallery!

5 Fun Facts About Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. The Roebling Suspension Bridge was the longest worldwide and was later the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge after it was completed in 1867.
  2. The city claims one of the country’s top park systems, with more than 100 parks spread over 5,000 acres. Sharon Woods Park is a 750-acre park with a lake surrounded by a 2.6-mile hiking and biking trail, along with restored 19th-century buildings. Shawnee State Park, 90 minutes away in Portsmouth, is a 60,000-acre park in the Appalachian foothills, offering golf, fishing, swimming, boating, several hiking trails and camping facilities.
  3. The Newport Southbank Bridge — popularly known as the Purple People Bridge — is a pedestrian-only bridge that stretches 2,670 feet (one-half of a mile) across the Ohio River, connecting Newport, Ky. to downtown Cincinnati and to trails along the river in both states.
  4. Cincinnati residents consume more than two million pounds of chili a year with 850,000 pounds of cheese on top. Cincinnati’s signature chili is available at more than 140 restaurants around the city.
  5. In 1984, the city launched the Blue Chip Campaign in an attempt to rebrand Cincinnati as The Blue Chip City. The image was meant to convey a sense of economic stability, like a blue chip stock.

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While we’re based in Skokie, IL, we offer design, branding and distribution services for independent and national chain businesses throughout North America.

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*Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trades. We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

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