Custom Printed Packaging by Howard Packaging

Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

Custom Printed Packaging in Detroit, Michigan


Custom Printed Packaging in Detroit, Michigan

Need Attractive, Versatile Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Business in Detroit, Michigan?

welcome-to-detroit-michiganCatching the eye of your customers has never been more important, or more difficult. To do this, presentation and attention to detail are crucial no matter what business you’re in. At Howard Packaging, we make a living on attention to detail and have over 50 years’ experience meeting the varying custom printed packaging requirements of independent and national chain businesses.

We have the design skills and products to catch the eye of your discerning Detroit clientele.

What makes Howard Packaging special is our flexibility and ability design the perfect packaging for your needs. In fact, as a four-time winner of the Retail Packaging Association’s Distributor of the Year award, we’ve long been acknowledged as the industry leader in custom packaging design and the production of custom printed packaging products tailored to fit customers’ marketing needs.

Howard Packaging’s Custom Printed Packaging Options in Detroit, Michigan

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Here Are a Couple Examples of the Work We Do at Howard Packaging:

Custom-Printed-Plastic-Bags-detroit-michigan-howard-packagingCustom Printed Plastic Bags

Looking for a unique custom printed plastic bag to highlight your products? You’ve come to the right place! We have the custom printed packaging options to fit your exact needs. At Howard Packaging, our custom printed plastic bags give you the freedom to personalize your brand on a wide variety of plastic bags handle styles, sizes and film gauges made from both high density (HDPE) and low density (LDPE) plastic films.

Custom-Printed-boxes-detroit-michigan-howard-packagingCustom Printed Boxes

If you’re serious about getting your products into retail stores, your product packaging and brand has to be up to the challenge. Custom printed boxes are a big part of your businesses presentation. Whether it’s custom folding boxes or set up boxes, the packaging you choose will influence how your products are perceived. Our custom printed boxes are a quick, easy, and retail friendly way to package your products.

For more examples, check out our gallery!

6 Fun Facts About Detroit, Michigan

  1. You can thank Detroit for your private phone number. Though the ability to have a private number existed in the late 1800s, they weren’t as popular as party lines. Detroit helped change that. In 1879, it became the first city to assign individual phone numbers, making the party line outdated.
  2. Detroit is among the largest theater districts in the country with over 13,000 theater seats. Major Broadway productions, top headliner entertainers, opera, dance, symphony, and other performing arts light up marquees.
  3. Belle Isle is bigger than Central Park – It is also the largest island park in the country. The park was opened in 1884, the same fella who designed Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead was commissioned to design Belle Isle, but his submission was largely ignored. If you haven’t been to Belle Isle, we would highly suggest it. It is a thing of stunning beauty.
  4. The salt mines beneath Detroit could keep our food flavored for over 70,000 years.
  5. Back in 1960, the city of Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.
  6. In January 1920, the era of Prohibition began in the U.S. The Detroit River, barely one mile across in some places, was a smuggler’s dream. Enterprising smugglers carried cargo beneath boats, rigged mechanical cables across the river and utilized old underground tunnels to transport their illegal bounty. During cold winter months, the river became a highway, as daring smugglers in automobiles made their way across the ice from Canada to the United States. It’s estimated that more than 75% of illegal liquor supplied to the U.S. during prohibition entered the country by way of the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River.

We Service the Following Locations in the Great Lakes Area of the U.S.:

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While we’re based in Skokie, IL, we offer design, branding and distribution services for independent and national chain businesses throughout North America.

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*Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trades. We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

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