Custom Printed Packaging by Howard Packaging

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Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Custom Printed Plastic Bags

Durable, Versatile Custom Printed Plastic Bags by Howard Packaging Will Make Your Business Gleam!

Custom Printed Plastic Bags by Howard PackagingLooking for a unique custom printed plastic bag to highlight your products? You’ve come to the right place! We have the custom printed packaging options to fit your exact needs.

At Howard Packaging, our custom printed plastic bags give you the freedom to personalize your brand on a wide variety of plastic bags handle styles, sizes and film gauges made from both high density (HDPE) and low density (LDPE) plastic films.

Need to get your name out there? Our customized print program and wide variety of ink, film colors, and bag styles allows you to have your company’s logo, slogan or products professionally printed just the way you want it. Our individualized packaging will enhance and showcase your product.

Creating an Innovative Carryout Bag with Howard Packaging

Businesses today commonly design bags so that they’re sturdy enough for future use as a tote or reusable shopping bag, but how do you accomplish this if you have non-traditional packaging? For example, imagine you own a cupcake business, and your delivery boxes need to remain upright.

A traditional bag – whether it’s reusable or not – might not provide enough room to carry a box so that its contents aren’t rolled over on the side. One recent innovation at Howard Packaging is a reusable bag that features movable straps. You can carry the bag around like a traditional tote, or you can switch the straps around with some Velcro to carry a box, so it’s pointed right-side up.

According to Marc Moder Howard Packaging: “A lot of people will buy our plain stock boxes here at Howard Packaging… you can use it as-is – and it’s a beautiful box – use it for gifts, some people use it for food… what you can do is take the plain box and put your product in it and take this new dessert tote and put it together and deliver it by hand to your customer.”

Custom Printed Plastic Bags Style Options

Super Gloss Bags:
Die cut handled, LDPE plastic bags in thicknesses ranging from 1.25 mil- 2.5 mil. . Our 2.5 mil Super Gloss bags are certified as ‘Reusable Bags’ and are compliant with most local plastic bag ordinances. Made in the USA with 6-8 week turn-arounds. Minimum order 5,000 bags.

Frosted Wave Top Bags:
Die cut handled, HDPE wave top plastic bags ranging in thickness fro 2.0 mil- 4.0 mil. Bags made from 2.50 mil and thicker are certified as ‘Reusable Bags’ and are compliant with most local plastic bag ordinances. Made in the USA with 8-10 week turn-arounds. Minimum order 5,000 bags.

Frosted Merchandise Bags:
Die cut handled, HDPE merchandise bags in 2.0 mil- 2.5 mil thicknesses. Available in three convenient retail sizes. Made in the USA with 8-10 week turn-arounds. Minimum order 5,000 bags.

Frosted Clear Flexi Loop and Die Handled Plastic Shopping Bags:
Plastic shopping bags made from 2.0 mil-4.0 mil HDPE. Bags can be custom-made to your size specifications. Up to five color printing available. Minimums start at just 3,000 bags per size. Mae in China with 12-14 week turn-arounds.

Free Samples and Free Catalog

Let the package do the advertising for you. Our durable, elegant custom printed plastic bags are the way to go for effective and targeted advertising. To distinguish your business from the rest, we’ll listen to your marketing needs and customize your packaging and distribution initiatives to fit those needs.

At Howard Packaging, we have over 50 Years of experience helping businesses develop the look and feel that customers love, and we can make it work for your business!

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