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Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

Specialty Bags

Specialty Bags

Foil Lined

Our foil lined paper bags are used to help retain heat for burgers, hot sandwich’s, chicken and any other food product that needs to stay warm a little longer. Minimums start at just 25,000 bags.

Grease resistant

Grease resistant bags are available in white and kraft and are perfect for hot, fried and microwaveable foods. Minimums start at 25,000 per size

Lined Paper Tin Tie Bags

Confections, popcorn and bakery goods all have unique packaging requirements for freshness and grease resistance. Our line of poly propylene lined paper tin tie bags can help keep your product fresh longer. We offer 11 standard sizes of lined tin tie bags with 5 different paper options, including grease resistant natural and white. Minimums start at 25,000 per size. Made in the USA.

Bread and Sandwich Bags

Our sandwich and bread bags can be made from bleached white, natural kraft kraft and grease resistant white papers. Minimums start as low as 10,000 bags per size.

Apple Bags

Apple bags aren’t just for apples anymore. For your smaller carry out items, these are a unique and economical way to get your brand out on the street. Minimums start at just 5,000 bags per size for simple prints. Papers available are white and natural kraft. Made in the USA.Bottle Bags


Paper Shopping Bags

5x3x13 paper shopping bags are made in the USA from recycled white or natural kraft. New orders receive free plates and free freight. Minimums start at 5,000 bags per size.

Eurostyle bottle bags add elegance to your wine and craft spirits packaging program. Made to your size and graphics specifications. Minimums start at just 5,000 bags per size. Bags are imported.

Catering Bags


Caterers have special requirements for branded bags. Here are just a few of our solutions:

  • `8”x5”x10” paper shopping bag—Perfect for a sandwich, bottle of water and a bag of chips. Minimums start at 5,000 per size.
  • 14”x9”x16” paper shopping bag—This bag can handle containers up to 9” wide and 14’ long. Minimums start at 5,000 per size.
  • High density plastic shopping bags – For your big foil containers up to 14” wide and 24” long. This bag has thick bottom boards and can be reused. Print minimums start at 400 per size. Available in two extra large sizes:
    • 14”x11 ½”x12”11 ½”(Half Tray with Bottom Board)
    • 22”x14”x15 ½”x14”(Full Tray, no Bottom Board)
  • 24”x14”x14”x14” NWPP shopping bags– These durable, reusable bags hold up to 2 full pans and have side pockets for menus and silverware. The bags can be silk screened in up to 2 colors with print minimums starting at 200 bags per size. Printed in the USA.

SOS Bags

For those simple carryout situations, square bottomed SOS bags offer an economical solution. Available papers include white, natural and 10 attractive colors. Our SOS bags come in 12 sizes, ranging from 2# to 1/6bbl.
Made in the USA. Minimums start at 6,000 bags per size.

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