Custom Printed Packaging by Howard Packaging

Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trade.
We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

Custom Printed Packaging in St. Louis, Missouri


Custom Printed Packaging in St. Louis, Missouri

Need Attractive, Versatile Custom Packaging Solutions for Your Business in St. Louis, Missouri?

Presentation and attention to detail is what makes your business stand out. Our custom packaging design solutions help you do just that, offering an impeccable, appealing presentation for your present and future customers! We’ve offered custom packaging design, branding and distribution services for independent and national chain businesses throughout North America since 1959.

We know how to make your products stand out, and we have the design skills and products to catch the eye of your discerning St. Louis customers.

What makes Howard Packaging special is our flexibility and ability design the perfect packaging for your needs. In fact, as a four-time winner of the Retail Packaging Association’s Distributor of the Year award, we’ve long been acknowledged as the industry leader in custom packaging design and the production of custom printed packaging products tailored to fit customers’ marketing needs.

Howard Packaging’s Custom Printed Packaging Options in St. Louis, Missouri

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Here Are a Couple Examples of the Work We Do at Howard Packaging:

custom-printed-recycled-shopping-bags-st-louis-missouriCustom Printed Recycled Shopping Bags: Be environmentally friendly in style with our recycled paper shopping bags. These bags are recyclable in almost all curbside recycling programs. Choose from Clay coat Shopping Bags, Folded Top Shopping Bags, Small Quantity Shopping Bags, and White Kraft Shopping Bags.

Regardless of the style, we’ll work with you to develop a design that makes your business pop!

Custom Printed Recycled Tissue Paper: Pick out the colors and environmentally friendly designs that work together to perfectly portray your store’s image. Our tissue factory has instituted a long list of sustainable practices that make it one of the most environmentally friendly paper manufacturers in the world.

For more examples, check out our gallery!

Our Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

At Howard Packaging, wherever possible, we try and provide our customers with sustainably produced, environmentally friendly packaging products. Whether it’s recycled paper shopping bags, merchandise bags, SOS bags, tissue or gift boxes our products help to ‘close the loop’— recycled products that can be easily recycled.

Additionally, many of our factories have taken it upon themselves to institute sustainable manufacturing processes that help reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to institute a sustainable packaging program for your retail or food service business, contact Howard Packaging and we will make it happen for you.

5 Fun Facts About St. Louis:

  1. At the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, the ice cream cone was invented! An ice cream vendor ran out of cups and asked a waffle vendor to help by rolling up waffles to hold ice cream.
  2. Busch Stadium goes through almost a million hot dogs and half a million pounds of nachos every year.  We all know it just tastes better when you are watching the Cardinals win.
  3. Many of the cities main attractions are free. The Art Museum, The History Museum, and the Zoo are all free. There are great free events like Shakespeare plays performed in Forest Park and the Muny, the US’s largest outdoor musical theater venue, has free tickets. And, while going up the Gateway Arch costs a few bucks, standing under it and taking priceless photos is literally price-less.
  4. The soda pop “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda” was invented in St. Louis by Charles Leiper Grigg and introduced in 1929. In 1936, the name was changed to 7 Up.
  5. The Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden, built in 1960, was the world’s first climate-controlled geodesic dome designed as a greenhouse. It’s also the site of the largest Japanese Garden in North America.

We Service the Following Locations in the Great Lakes Area of the U.S.:

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While we’re based in Skokie, IL, we offer design, branding and distribution services for independent and national chain businesses throughout North America.

Howard Packaging, LLC’s Main Office Location:

Howard Packaging, LLC
3462 W. Touhy Ave.
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(847) 675-7650

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*Howard Packaging only sells to the retail, food service and promotional products trades. We do not sell products to or ship sample kits to individuals.

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