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How to Encourage Customers to Build an Emotional Connection With Your Brand

Creative advertising is an effective way to build a client base, and one of the tools today's companies have is building an emotional connection with customers. In a world where social media makes the average consumer feel very connected to large corporate brands, an emotional connection can prove incredibly valuable to fledgling businesses. Big Brands … Read more

5 Branding Mistakes to Avoid

When you start a small business, you have all sorts of hopes and dreams for the venture. Many of today's biggest companies started out as a tiny idea in someone's garage, and there's no reason your idea can't experience healthy growth and success. However, there are some common branding mistakes that you're probably making, particularly … Read more

Creative Custom Packaging: A Case Study

One of the essential features of developing a strong brand is creating the images that customers and clients will eventually associate with a company. Building that brand comes from activities like the creation of a logo, trademarked sayings, and color schemes that impact company advertising in retail spaces, web sites, and custom packaging. Here are a … Read more

Carrying Your Branding Over Into Social Media

Establishing a strong brand today requires some hefty planning, as well as a presence in a variety of advertising mediums. Out of all the traditional areas of advertising, social media has emerged as one of the essential pieces of building your company's branding strategy. The reason for this importance is because of how visual people … Read more

Top 3 Business Branding New Year’s Resolutions

Each January, millions of people decide to try and change their lives with New Year's resolutions, but too often those self-made promises fall by the wayside just a few weeks after the new year begins.  This year, make a promise to employ smart branding strategies with these top business branding New Year's Resolutions. 1. Lose … Read more

How Fonts Impact Branding

An awesome trademark phrase won't stick in anyone's head if it's impossible to read the font used to display the trademark. Unfortunately, some business owners choose complex fonts that look impossible to read on a storefront, as well as on essential business items like custom printed bags, advertising materials, and general product packaging. There are … Read more

5 Branding Tips for the Holiday Season

Many businesses see the bulk of their sales during the winter holiday season, and it's essential to create an effective marketing plan for this lucrative time of year. It's also a prime time to build brand loyalty and recognition with special projects and creative advertising.  Revamping or upgrading your brand appeal during the holiday season … Read more

3 Branding Innovators That Show Us How to Dominate

3 Branding innovators

Sometimes it doesn't matter whether a product is unbelievably revolutionary or is something we've seen a million times before. The right branding campaign can create something amazing out of anything and helps unknown companies flourish and grow. However, successful branding campaigns and the companies that develop around them don't experience that success by accident. Interestingly, … Read more

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